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Beckett House

On this project our client had 6 large supply air handling units which required modernisation . The building was being handed over to a new tenant and we were asked to inspect and report on all the current condition of the AHUs and make our recommendations on maximising the existing performance and life span. Improving the efficiency and therefore reducing running costs was also a requirement.

Through our investigations we concluded that all units required a thorough hygienic clean, as there were signs of deep lime scale water stains as well as areas of rust ingress in several sections of the units. In discussions with our client four of the six fans were recommended for replacemen,t as new fans would improve efficiency by 18% and noise by 4dba per fan. This also had the added benefit of future proofing the units for increases in performance inline with the increase in demand within the building as a whole.

The remaining two fans had vibration issues which required new anti vibration mounts. The existing mounts were not dealing with the horizontal vibration therefore we replaced with a lateral load bearing AV mount.

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