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At AirWizard we understand that downtime costs money, so a solution that will save time and money is essential. With our many years experience in various environments and locations, we can highlight potential issues or deal with historic problems, depending on the needs of the client.

Even the most diligently maintained air handling unit will require upgrading if it is to meet building energy conservation directives such as Part L. It is at this point when the unit has began to perform poorly and deteriorate where any maintenance costs begin to spiral out of control.

Refurbishment is always the first option where possible but in extreme situations, replacement is the only option to maintain optimum efficiency. We at Air Wizard will advise which is the best option to move forward based on our client's primary objectives, whether that be capital cost, running costs or energy efficiency.

In many cases refurbishment is feasible - this may be chosen as an option to replacement where the cost is lower than new plant, and it involves a shorter down time and less disruption in an occupied building, particularly if work is carried out at the weekend.

Benefits of Our Refurbishment Services

Why Refurbish?

Reduced running costs achieved by:

General Refurbishment - What we can offer:

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